My future profession

I’m sure that my future profession will be profession of designer. I love design very much, but I don’t think that it’s very interesting for you to listen about design, because I also have essay about my hobby

(There is the link Now you think what about will be this essay? It is too strange but i love profession of marketer. Why? you think because it is very interesting profession you can sell everything and only you must know about humans thoughts. Marketing without design does not exist, because there are many designers who draw covers for food, books,magazines e.t.c. So now you know a little bit more about me.


My duties

We all have duties and some of them we hate, but what to do when we don’t want to do our duties? First we must understand that without duties our lives would be too hard and duties make our lives easier e.g. without cleaning room we will live in dirty place teeming with bacteria, and it is dangerous for health. SO now you know that

duties are very important for us.    

My hobbies

It isn’t secret that i love drawing. i love it very much because of i can draw my thoughts on piece of paper. I don’t need any crayons or watercolors, I need only paper and black pencil but it isn’t only my hobby it is piece of me of my life and without it i am not Arevi. I don’t know who would be Arevik without drawing.

Wonderful Summer

Wonderful Summer 
You can’t say that i had a wonderful summer trip, but my little brother Vahan was born at last day of summer and it’s cool. That day was wonderful. I felt happiness. So you know that I had wonderful summer. Now i am living with my brother Vahan and it’s very important for me to have brother like him.