Two young souls

We were both, two young souls, looking for the secret behind the door. You were me and I was you, and we were lost under the dome.

The sun

The sun is gone, and just you and me standing under the moon. That was a fairy tale for us until we opened our eyes, You took the moon with you and thousands of stars which were mine. And I was left alone with the sun.



It was 7 am when I started my journey to somewhere,somewhere that I wanted to go, I thought I would come back and be not me even not a name that everyone would forget someday. That was a long… long way it gave me 10 or 12 hours to think,

to think who I am to think why I am. I thought i would come back and not be a boring girl from a boring book which I took from a boring library. But… no.. no wait I

will tell you that story later. I was thinking that I changed a lot but life looked alike the mystery book which I was reading and trying to cover my thought, trying to cover myself. I though I changed much .I didn’t know who I was I thought I was a kindie girl who liked tales about fairies who was feeling herself fallen and who knew nothing. but i was enjoying the way i was.

Fight for freedom.

This year was the most important in lives all of the Armenians, not just for cizitens of Armenia but for all people who are Armenian by soul. I couldn’t belieave that this would happen, no i knew that one day we will all fight for our freedom, but i never thought that i could call all the nation my family. Families fight for each other, they keep belieaving in each other, and they never betray each other. This is the behavior that we showed in this fight, we were all fighting for freedom that we never had, and we won. We all think that we are not weak, but we all were until today, the day that we can be proud of our nation, proud by calling ourselves Armenian. I won’t lie when I first heard about things going on, i wasn’t believing in such result buy few days letter I understood that my voice had and will always have a value, that day I understood that we will win.

Something about love, again.

Sometimes you need time, to realize who you are. No-one said that it should be easy and it shouldn’t be hard. This is life and we need to start learn how to live. Life is a game, and we have to try not to lose it. It’s easy you just have to be kind, thankful, happy, honest, and real. But there is one more thing, you have to be loved, loved by someone who trully cares about you. That is the only rule you have to learn If you want to win.

A week

Seven days can change a lot. It is not just 168 hours, it is seven chances to change everything in your life. Maybe you will ruin everything but also you are able to create the perfect version of yourself, of your life. Don’t you agree? Life is all about risking, everyday waking up and thinking that you can make that day wonderful but also make it the worst nightmare of yours. I bet you, you have never noticed that you have so much in your hands and so many things depends only on you. Breath. Yes it sound terrifying but remember it is only your life and your rules.


What is hate?.. People hate each other, they hate themselves, and things that srounds them. Worst thing about hate is when you hate decisions that you made, and you are not able to do something with it. Every day wake up and realize that you’ll totally ruin your life and you can do nothing with it. People are tought that the hate is opposite of the love but i’ll open your eyes they are so similar to each other. they both make you crazy and the worst thing about that is when you try to hate someone you love.


As everyone i like to get a gift specially from close friends who know me well. But I like giving gifts more because I enjoy the time that i spend looking for a unique gift.One of my favorite feelings is when you make your family members your friends happy by giving them a gift. Many of us think that a gift need to be expansive or else they wouldn’t like it. As i think gift doesn’t need to be expansive it just need to be by hart.

Problems that teenagers have 

I dont think that teenagers have many problems but there is one thing that annoys me about being teenager. when i have some problems in daily life my mom and other people always say that when i grow up i will forget about them. It really annoys when they say you will grow up and forget about them, but as I think our parents and great parents need to help as to go thruw thing but not over them. There are things that we need to let them go and forget about them but also there are things, problems that we need to fight with them or else they will stay in our lives and continue annoying us. 

Better city for teenagers

I’m a teenager and to be honest i dont think Yerevan is the best city for teenagers, i know in Armenia it is better that in many other countries but any way we can make life here better so here is what i think we could do. so first of all we need to start accepting people the way they are. 2 years ago my cousin Stephanie was entering a university and that time she had blue hair. She was saying that everyone was looking at her as if they saw something weird and strange. Many of us want to find their style that they can feel themselves comfortable in it. And many parents can think that coloring hair is not a big thing but Im sure that even a small thing is really important for teenagers just because we want to stand out and our parents need to understand that