What is hate?.. People hate each other, they hate themselves, and things that srounds them. Worst thing about hate is when you hate decisions that you made, and you are not able to do something with it. Every day wake up and realize that you’ll totally ruin your life and you can do nothing with it. People are tought that the hate is opposite of the love but i’ll open your eyes they are so similar to each other. they both make you crazy and the worst thing about that is when you try to hate someone you love.



As everyone i like to get a gift specially from close friends who know me well. But I like giving gifts more because I enjoy the time that i spend looking for a unique gift.One of my favorite feelings is when you make your family members your friends happy by giving them a gift. Many of us think that a gift need to be expansive or else they wouldn’t like it. As i think gift doesn’t need to be expansive it just need to be by hart.

Problems that teenagers have 

I dont think that teenagers have many problems but there is one thing that annoys me about being teenager. when i have some problems in daily life my mom and other people always say that when i grow up i will forget about them. It really annoys when they say you will grow up and forget about them, but as I think our parents and great parents need to help as to go thruw thing but not over them. There are things that we need to let them go and forget about them but also there are things, problems that we need to fight with them or else they will stay in our lives and continue annoying us. 

Better city for teenagers

I’m a teenager and to be honest i dont think Yerevan is the best city for teenagers, i know in Armenia it is better that in many other countries but any way we can make life here better so here is what i think we could do. so first of all we need to start accepting people the way they are. 2 years ago my cousin Stephanie was entering a university and that time she had blue hair. She was saying that everyone was looking at her as if they saw something weird and strange. Many of us want to find their style that they can feel themselves comfortable in it. And many parents can think that coloring hair is not a big thing but Im sure that even a small thing is really important for teenagers just because we want to stand out and our parents need to understand that

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are cookies sold by Girl Scouts of the USA(GSUSA). Members of the GSUSA have been selling cookies since 1917 . Girls who participate can earn prizes for their efforts. and they sale 200 million boxes per year. all the money goes to charity organizations

GSUSA start in 1917 and Juliette Gordon Low was the leader of the little group. It was located in Philadelphia and after 5 years other states were starting organizations as Juliette did. Nowadays girls from all of the USA are taking part in GSUSA. 

My favorite TV series

I have already seen thousands of movies and tv series and now I can recommend you what to watch in the evening with cup of tea or coffee. Let’s start with TV series called “how to get away with murder”is one of my favorite, It is about a group of students Wes,Lourel , Michaela, Connor and Asher. They all studied at Middelton Law school and their professor name was Annalise Keating. She was teaching them with her own created program called “how to get away with murder” It is very interesting and you will never guess what going to be next until you watch it. As you already know it is detective and drama. 

Sign language 

Now days people mostly use phones and social medias for communication. But what about other ways of communication. But what about other ways of communication e.g. sign language, thousands of people use that language mostly deaf people. Now I want to tell you about that. Sign language has played an important part throughout history it has removed the barrier between those who can hear and those who are deaf. 

 this is an alphabet 

Sign language

A sign language is a way of communicating by using the hands and other parts of the body. Sign languages are an important way for deaf people to communicate. Deaf people often use them instead of spoken languages.Spoken languages use sounds from the mouth and are understood with the ears. Sign languages use hands and are understood with the eyes.[1] Deaf people can use sign languages more easily than spoken languages. because they can not hear what they are talking.
this is an alphabet

Why is it important to continue space exploration while countries are suffering starvation and disease?  (Turkey Space Camp)

I think in our life everything is interconnected. People are interrelated with other people. Countries are co-dependent and planets are bridged to other planets. 

There are some people who think that space is a vast darkness but I think there is life and civilisation. If I ever had a chance, I would gladly travel to space. I think there are so many mysteries hidden there and so many unknown things to be revealed. Our planet is a very tiny unit of a great circle, hence we should explore the outside which has a great influence on the inside.
Life in our planet is endangered. Every day we get news about the countries and peoples fighting with one another, and this endless process leads to poverty. Poverty is the major cause of starvation and disease. We can’t cope with these problems without identifying their grounds. There can be numerous causes for conflicts, and it is very difficult to find any solution.
Some may think that space exploration is a waste of time and money, when there are so many people suffering from starvation and disease. But I dare disagree with them. If we do not invest money in global issues we will not be able to deal with such problems like starvation and disease that lead our planet to destruction.
Our planet is running of its natural resources, and we should find alternative means to save our planet.
If we disclose the unknown and apply its virtues in favour for us, we will be able to save our planet.
People are responsible not only for their homes but also for their homeland which is the universe. 

Be an inventor

Of course every child want to invent some sweet or some game. But I want to invent medicine for cancer. That is very important because thousand people die because of cancer. And if someone invent medicine for cancer life will be happier than it is now. If my teacher didn’t ask to write essay about invents i will never thought about it. It’s sad that we can do nothing for it. But if everyone try to do something world will be  happier, and many lives will be saved . So let’s try to do something.