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  1. leisure – free or unoccupied time
  2. entertainment – something that serves for amusment
  3. opportunity – a favourable position or chance
  4. occupation – a job or profession


  1. calm – not excited, nervous or troubled
  2. intelligent – able to think, understand, and learn new things quickly and well
  3. brave – willing to do thing which are difficult or dangerous
  4. independent – free from outside control


  1. miniature – a model or copy of something on a very small scale
  2. signature – the name of a person or a sign representing his name, marked by himself
  3. adventure – an exciting or dangerous experience
  4. gesture – a movment of part of the body to express an idea or meaning.


  1. tornado – a violent storm with very strong winds
  2. flood – an overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits
  3. snowstorm – a heavy fall of snow, especially with a high wind
  4. breeze – a gentle wind


  1. request
  2. refusal
  3. advice
  4. response
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Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. You make it by pouring hot water over the dried leaves of a tea plant. For centuries people believed that teas could cure illnesses, they used it as medicine. Today scientists know that tea contains chemicals that prevent cells from dying. Most teas have caffeine in them, a substance that makes you feel more active. Some people have problems drinking tea because it can cause sleeplessness.

Tea plant

The tea plant grows best in tropical and temperate places where rain falls throughout the year. Tea can be grown from sea level to about 2,000 metres, but the best quality grows in higher regions.

Tea comes from the leaves and buds of tea plants. Wild plants can be up to 9 metres high but on tea plantations they are cut back to a bush of about a metre in height so that workers can pluck the leaves easily. The plant produces pointed, leathery dark leaves, small white flowers and seeds that look like hazelnuts. It takes a plant three to five years before is ready for plucking.

A plucker can harvest about 20kg of tea a day. On large tea plantations the leaves are harvested by machines, but the quality of tea is higher when the leaves are hand-plucked.

Types of tea

The most common types of tea are black and green tea. They come from the same plant but are processed differently.

Workers take the leaves and spread them out on shelves where they can dry. Next, they are rolled and broken into pieces and put into a room where they absorb oxygen. Chemical reactions change the taste and character of the tea. Finally, the leaves are dried with hot air until they turn brownish-black. Most black tea comes from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and eastern Africa.

To make green tea, workers put the freshly picked leaves into a steamer, which keeps them green. Then they are crushed and dried in ovens. Japan is the biggest producers of green tea.

Tea can be bought in many forms – leaves, powder or tea bags. Some of them are added with flavours, like vanilla, orange or lemon. Although most people drink their tea hot, many enjoy iced tea, especially during the summer months.

Black tea is brewed by pouring water over a teaspoon of tea. The tea should soak for three to five minutes before you drink it. Green tea should be left in water longer. Instead of putting tea leaves into a pot people often put tea bags into a cup.


People first drank tea in China about 5000 years ago. Originally it was used as a medicine, then as a daily drink. It spread to Japan in the 3rd century A.D. Dutch and Portuguese traders brought tea from eastern Asia to Europe in the 1600s.

In 1657 the beverage was sold for the first time in coffee houses in Great Britain. When the English started a tradition of tea drinking in the afternoon it became England’s national drink. In the 17th and 18th centuries tea spread to British colonies overseas.

In 1767 Great Britain placed a tax on tea imported by American colonists. During the Boston Tea Party of 1773 they were so angry that they threw a ship full of British tea into the harbour to protest British rule. Two years later the American Revolutionary War started.

Today about 3.3 million tons of tea are produced. India, with its famous tea growing regions like Darjeeling and Assam, and China produce about half of the world’s tea. It also grows in many other parts of Asia, especially in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. In the course of time growing tea has spread to countries in Eastern Europe, Africa and South America.

What is the most popular drink in the world?

How do we make tea?

What chemicals does tea contain?

Where does the tea plant grow the best

How many types of tea do you know

How many kilos of tea can a plucker harvest.

How is green tea processed

How is black tea processed

How many forms of tea can we buy

When did people begin drinking tea

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Body positivity

Body positivity is a statement that many of us use but not everyone knows what that actually means, so there we go. Basically it is about respect, respect to all the bodies that exist. It is not about who you assume beautiful. It is about making each other feel confident about their own body. Bodies come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so it is terribly wrong to try to fit them all in a one “ideal” standart. However it doesn’t mean that you should close an eye on your mental and phisical health. Many people assume that the ideal of the body size is 90\60\90 but the reality is any weight is normal until it starts to affect on your life. Just think twice before doing anything to your body that may cause harm, because by the first sight it isn’t visble whether your midnight snack or skipped breackfast will be potential damage to your mental and phisical stability. Because beauty standarts come and go, and your health won’t.

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Oven or microwave

Oven and microwave are the two most known devices for warming up food, or cooking it. They are pretty similar to each other but the main difference between them is that microwave saves you a lot of time. In the 21st century time is one of the most valuable resources, everything depends on time, so it is important to save as much of it as possible. There are rumors going on that eating food heated in microwave is can cause cancer. But it has long been proved that it is all just rumors, and it is completely safe to heat food in microwave. In other case you can cook actual food in oven, that you can’t do microwave. But also you are able to heat food in microwave which you can’t do in oven. In my opinion both of them are very useful and it is better to have them both than to choose one. 

Here you can read the prove that microwave does not cause cancer.




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Discrimination Against Women

Women have been discriminated as long as humans exist. Several centuries ago everything was much worse than it is now: women were not allowed to take part in national elections, they were paid less than men and their voice had less value than men’s. But to be honest, that has’t change significantly. There are still thousands of women who don’t have freedom to do what they want, they can’t live the way they want, because they feel suppressed  by society. Women all around the world are told how to behave, they are told how to speak, what to wear, what makeup to put on, and this list of things women should do to meet the standards of womanly behavior is endless.
Women and men should have equal rights and opportunities in any cases, that is what feminism is about. Feminism is about everyone, it is about all adults, it is about all teenagers, all kids, and especially all newborns. Roots of discrimination against women grow from our childhood, because girls and boys were never raised the same. When a kid starts to think that girls and boys shouldn’t have equal rights that sort of mindset is very difficult to change.

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American University of Armenia


The American University of Armenia or AUA is a private university in Yerevan. It was founded in 1991 by the Armenian General Benevolent Union, the University of California, and the Armenian government during Armenia’s first year of independence. The AUA offers master’s degrees in nine fields and bachelor’s degrees in four. There are several programs like English and Communications, Computational Sciences, Business, Engineering and Data Science.

As I’m a future marketologist so the business faculty is right for me. The BA in Business program is a 4-year undergraduate degree.Students of BA in Business program will have the option of pursuing a General Business degree, or choose from three other specializations. Accounting, Marketing or Economics. Each specializations consists of five courses, three of which are mandatory and two are elective.