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Why is it important to continue space exploration while countries are suffering starvation and disease?  (Turkey Space Camp)

I think in our life everything is interconnected. People are interrelated with other people. Countries are co-dependent and planets are bridged to other planets. 

There are some people who think that space is a vast darkness but I think there is life and civilisation. If I ever had a chance, I would gladly travel to space. I think there are so many mysteries hidden there and so many unknown things to be revealed. Our planet is a very tiny unit of a great circle, hence we should explore the outside which has a great influence on the inside.
Life in our planet is endangered. Every day we get news about the countries and peoples fighting with one another, and this endless process leads to poverty. Poverty is the major cause of starvation and disease. We can’t cope with these problems without identifying their grounds. There can be numerous causes for conflicts, and it is very difficult to find any solution.
Some may think that space exploration is a waste of time and money, when there are so many people suffering from starvation and disease. But I dare disagree with them. If we do not invest money in global issues we will not be able to deal with such problems like starvation and disease that lead our planet to destruction.
Our planet is running of its natural resources, and we should find alternative means to save our planet.
If we disclose the unknown and apply its virtues in favour for us, we will be able to save our planet.
People are responsible not only for their homes but also for their homeland which is the universe.